Enjoy reading these testimonies. Read what incredible miracles & wonders God is doing in this Islamic land. We pray & hope that these testimonies will touch and bless your hearts. Joshua 1:9 “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go”.

Rejoice in your suffering

Kiran & Poonam are best friends, They both live on the streets. While distributing food to street kids we saw Kiran & Poonam smiling so big, The both were looking the happiest girls on earth, Even though they were as hungry as other kids but they were not sad, depressed, anxious, scared like other street kids. Kiran & Poonam’s giggles in all street kids were like a cool breeze on a hot summer day.

So we ask both girls, What’s making you so happy? We love your smiles and to hear this they smiled even bigger. Kiran (On right) responded that we were begging at the traffic light a few months back, One car stops, Poonam & I knocked on that car’s window and an uncle rolled down his window and said ” Why are you so sad?” So we told him that we are hungry, “So this uncle responded, God, loves when we smile, God loves when we thank Him even though we are not getting what we want, Uncle said, God loves a grateful heart, When we stop complaining and thank Him for what He has already given us, Then He gives us more.

Poonam and Kiram told us that we are one of the few street kids who eat every day because we always thank God and never complain.

Why it took Munshi 43 years to get his own bible

After 43 years of long waiting when brother Munshi received his first Urdu Bible he couldn’t stop crying for days. But why it took Munshi 43 years to get his own bible??

Munshi is 73 years but he received Jesus as His Savior when he was 30 years old. For living he used to pick up litter from the public parks, railway stations, cinemas etc and then sell it to small recycling companies. For picking up litter 8-10 hours a day munshi could earn $2-$2.50 a day. Munshi and his wife had 4 kids together and all money he earns spend on food, shelter and medications.

Jesus encountered with him when he was 30 years old and Jesus spoke to munshi that He wants to use him for His Glory but Munshi didn’t knew what God wants him to do? So he went to local village Pastor who told munshi to repent and surrender your life to God which munshi and his family did. Local village Pastor told munshi that you should also read God’s word and grow in Him but it was next to impossible for munshi to buy his own bible because he couldn’t afford it.

Munshi decided that he will pick up more litter and he started working 12-14 hours a day but still couldn’t make it more than $3 a day. Later years he found out that his wife is sick with heart disease which ended his hope and he thought he will never get his own bible.

Munshi went to several Churches, Pastors, leaders and begged them if he can get any old bibles they have but they said to munshi that they themself have few bibles and they are using them already. One Pastor tear some pages from his bible and gave to munshi and when munshi read those pages, it gives him so much patience, hope and peace. Munshi read from which blessed and give lots of hope to munshi. Munshi read from Isaiah 40:31 and kept reading those pages for years.

We met munshi in our one of outreach last year where he told us that how met Angel in his dream who told him about this place. We gave God’s word with great joy to this amazing man of God. Munshi kisses and hugged bible so tightly and he said i wish my wife can read this word too…..Its been over 7 months that munshi is reading God’s word everyday and then he travel miles to share in those small villages where people don’t have access of bible.

Jesus met with Yousaf in his dream

Yousaf is 18 years but he received Jesus as His Savior when he was 14 years old.Yousaf told us that he always wanted to read Bible but he never able to afford it. For living Yousaf sells fruit for a muslim man in a fruit market and earn $2 a day. Yousaf told us that his all money goes for the treatment of his mother who was suffering from dementia.

Yousaf told us that one time he sit 2 days in front of one catholic church to talk with priest and request him if he has any spare bible? But when Priest met Yousaf , he told him that there is nothing for free and he has to earn bible. Yousaf worked 6 months as a bathroom & kitchen cleaner for Priest and when Yousaf ask priest that when is going to get his bible? So priest insult him badly and told him that he don’t deserve a bible.

Yousaf told us that he cried for days and ask God that why you are doing this to me? I am your passionate follower and all i am asking is your Word? Am i asking too much God???

Yousaf said i pray 4 years for 2 things that God will provide me my own Bible and He will heal my mother from her sickness.

One night yousaf had a dream in which he met with Jesus.

Jesus said to Yousaf to go this #AnonymousVillage and you will get what you want. Yousaf traveled over 3000Km and met us during our outreach in which we gave him Urdu Bible. We remember that he couldn’t stop crying when he held bible in his hands for the first.

Last week we got a call from Yousaf and he told us that Jesus healed my mother from dementia after i read bible to her for 2 months and he told us that now she wants to born again in Christ as well. He told us that doctors are shocked and not believing this!!!!!!!

200+ people repented and received Jesus

death where is your victory? satan where is your power? Jesus transform the village which was known as “home of evil spirits into home of new believers” More than 200 souls repented and gave their Hearts to Jesus. God is washing this muslim country with His blood, Look at these hungry and thirsty souls.

On our way to this #AnonymousVillage satan tried to stop us so many times. Our worship leader who was just fine starts vomiting as we started our journey and our Lead Pastor got a high fever from no where, his body was shaking and he was feeling so cold in a warm van. On the top of all this our van’s all 4 tires get punctured and fuel tanks shows there is no fuel left even though we filled van’s fuel tank before we left.

We are in the middle of road and it was impossible for us to fix our tires or get fuel. So we stopped our van and start looking for help but there was no one who can help us. We cannot do anything else beside waiting. So all decided to pray and ask God to help.

As we were feeling discouraged that maybe we can’t reach to these village people, We saw a big truck coming toward to us. Without asking for help truck stopped and 2 men came out from their truck and ask do you need help? We told them our situation that how we don’t have spare tires or fuel for our van and we have to reach somewhere soon.

One of them said you cannot believe what we have in our truck “used tires” We have business of buying and selling tires. They said we can buy your tires in exchange of used tires. They said we have fuel as well which can help you to reach to the Gas station.

One of team member ask them did God send you to help us? They responded ” We don’t know much about God and they looked at each other and smiled so big” Then they said we know a short route of your destination which can save your time. They said we have so much to do so we will go now and they left.

After they fix our van we start our journey again and Jesus protect us from accidents but Praise God we reached at this place.

Anyways when we reached this #Anonymousvillage our hosts received us and he told us that not more than 20 people will show up for Prayer and Worship because people of this village is very scared that satan will attack them more. Our Host also told us that in this village there are more than 250 families and at least 1 or 2 members from each family is demon possessed.

When we invited people from village to pray no one was interested beside one family of 7 people who were all demon possessed.They were practicing black magic from their 3 generations. They said we want to be set free from the hold of satan. So we started our prayer and worship with 2 families.

They were many people who were watching us Praying and Worshiping but they were sure if they come or not?

We all team never felt such a strong presence of Holy Spirit what we experience this time, our hands were burning and we barely stand on our feet and that moment the demon spirits attack that family of 7 people and they were rolling on the floor and we rebuke them in Jesus name and command them to leave and never come back, Jesus delivered them. All those who were watching they were amazed and slowly slowly they join us as well and in less than hour more than 400 people joined us in prayer and worship.

Pastor Danish who was vomiting before, Jesus healed him too and he shared the sermon on “Children of God” – Romans 8:16 which touch and bless so many life.Jesus delivered so many who were demon possessed and so many people got their eye vision back, people with severe legs, knee and back pain got healed in Jesus name We witness great testimonies and so many repented.

 satan tried to roar but he defeated badly. More than 200 people repented and received Jesus. Also the leader of the village who used to encourage people to practice black magic and inviting demons repented and receive Jesus as Savior. We distribute 10 Urdu bibles as well!!! Praise God!! Praise God!! Praise God!! Please pray for more Urdu bible as many new believers need it.



Bride!! Bride!! Bride!! Repent!! Repent!! GROOM IS COMING!! HE IS ON THE WAY!!! Wow!! Wow!! Unbelievable!!Unbelievable!! What is happening in this muslim country is amazing. A country where you can lost your life if you publicly Preach, but look at this REVIVAL!! Every Jesus is feed the hungry and quenched the thirst of thirsty in today’s Outreach Meeting. It’s unbelievable that More than 350 people joined us in Fasting, Prayer and Worship.

When we reach at this village some locals told us that muslim leader of the village banned the entry of Christian people in his village, he is so rude and there is no compassion in his heart and he said to everyone that Christian are filthy people so he hate Christians and dishonor them. And on the top of that the only place we have gather people is in this village where Christians are banned to enter. Me and John decided that we will go directly to this man place and request him that let us pray over there. We somehow reach to his home and talked to him but he rejected us and said he will not give his place until he lives.

Our team decided that this time we will do door to door evangelism and share the Gospel with the body of Christ. As we were visiting homes, I heard that the muslim leader of the village fall from stairs and his head hit on the ground. He is calling your name that he wants to us so badly. We leave all work and run to his home. When we saw him he started crying and bend on his knees and said to me I HAVE SEEN JESUS, I KNOW HOW HE LOOKS. He said when my head hit on ground I was unconscious, he said I saw 2 Big Angel who take me to a place where look so amazing and he said there is a big throne on which Jesus is sitting, Jesus said to him that why you disturb my people? Like what happen to Paul…He said Please forgive me. He said that you can use my Place and I open my village for all Christians. They are live here and do whatever they want. PEOPLE were not beliving that how a rude person who hate Christian and spit on them, How his heart is changed?? I told them all that THIS IS POWER OF OUR CHRIST.

We start the Prayer and worship in this muslim village for the first time in history. Brothers and Sisters from all communities gathered at once place for first time. Holy Spirit showed His great move and touched and blessed hundreds of lives today. People receive their miracles, healings, and restorations in their lives. Jesus washed this village with His Holy Blood. John shared the sermon on parable of “LOST COIN”. So many people repent and give their hearts to Jesus for first time.

124 people give their hearts to Jesus and accept Him as Personal Savior. We distributed 40 Urdu Bibles into new believers and welcome them to new life. A Huge thanks all friends who stay in Fast with us.

Somebody shouts Hallelujah

We have very exciting news to share with you that 11 more souls repented & received Jesus today as personal Savior!! We got this great news today one anonymous desert where we shared God’s word in April-2019 in hindu and buddhist community. In this anonymous dessert many repented and received Jesus but there was 2 families who didn’t gave their hearts to Jesus that day.

We kept praying for these beautiful family and our host visited them every month and shared God’s word with them and answered their questions. But last week God encountered with Sapna and Aaryahi. But they shared this with their husbands they didn’t believe on them. Then next day Jesus encountered with their husbands as well who saw Man who whose if like flames of fire and so much light is coming out of Him. Then they both including their husbands and kids surrendered their lives to Jesus and receive Him as Savior!!!

Somebody shout Hallelujah!!!Praise God!!Praise God!! Repent!! Repent!! HE is coming Soon!!!

Pakistan Shall Be Saved

Revival!!Revival!!Revival!! God is turning muslim land into land of believers:

150 more souls accepted Jesus Christ!! !! Look at this hungry and thirsty souls!! Revival in a muslim country!! God’s work cannot be stopped at any cost!! Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!! Repent Bride of Christ!! God is washing this muslim country with His blood, Look what God is doing here. Jesus transformed the heart and mind of political leader and village chairman. It’s an Unstoppable Revival!! Praise God for more than 600 people joined us in Fasting, Praying and Worship. So many received Miracles, Healing, Restoration, Deliverance and NEW Lives today.

When we reached this anonymous village, we saw that the church is locked & our host told us that besides this Church we don’t have any place where we can fit about 100 people. We were not expecting a big crowd today because majority people of this village are muslim but God plan was Bigger than ours. Me and my team were clueless that what we do now??

We decided to talk with muslim chairman but he strictly told his bodyguards to not let anyone come without his permission. We tried to reach to chairman 13 times but every time we tried, we failed.

First we thought that we will do door to door evangelist but then we didn’t because it was very hard to preach in a muslim area and we didn’t wanted to risk our team or our lives in danger. So we decided that we will cancel the prayer meeting this meeting.

On our way back to home one of team member saw chairman of the village standing in the parking area of Church and we immediately stop our van. John (my husband) shout his name and said to him that “we need your 5 minutes Sir”. The Chairman looked at us and he told his body guards to let us all come.

The chairman who is also a big political leader started conversation by saying that if you here to talk about Church I want to tell you that no one can change my thoughts and I am not going to open this Church to anyone. I will demolish the building and make my home or office here & NO One can stop me. I interrupt him when he was talking & told him that only Christian people are not going to suffer because of your act but you will suffer as well. Chairman/Political leader said how am I going to suffer? I told him that you win in recent Election because of the votes of Christian people and if you will hurt their hearts, they will not give any vote.

He get so quite when he listened this and I added that Sir we come from far to reach out to our people and your heart. We request you to open the Church gates for one final time and we welcome you to join us in the Prayer meeting as well. You will decided again by the end of prayer that you want to keep this Church building for people or you still wants to demolish.

Holy Spirit touched and warm his heart and he gets agree to open the Church one more time for all of us. The gates of Church opened for the first time after 25 months and everyone was so amazed that how did this happen??. Anyways when we entered in the Church, we felt such a strong presence of Holy Spirit and I knew that God is going to do something amazing tonight.

When we started our Prayer and Worship, people came like floods and church was all packed with hundreds of people. We were not even expecting 100 but more than 600 people gathered in Church. All the village were so shocked to see the Chairman/Political leader in the Church as well… Holy Spirit touched and melted so many hearts, Jesus break the chains and curses and healed people from all kind of diseases and sickness. Jesus healed the sick, set free the demon possessed, so many people got their eye vision back, people with severe legs, knee and back pain got healed in Jesus name. Pastor John delivered the Sermon (Revelation 22:12) which touched and bless many lives.

Hundreds of souls repented and more than 150 people give their hearts to Jesus and we distributed 63 Urdu Bibles into new souls and non-believers. Praise Report didn’t end here!!! At the end of prayer when I told all the congregation to lay their hands toward Chairman of village and pray for him, Chairman was so moved by the love of Jesus and the people that even they hate them and taking this church from them but people are still praying for him….his heart broke down and he told me that I want to say something to all of us. Chairman/Political leader made an announcement that he will not demolish this Church anymore for God touched his heart and he told everyone that I was thinking that no one can change my decision but God’s love change it. People were dancing and jumping over this announcement!!! Can somebody shout Hallelujah with me!!!!!!!

God protected precious Dua

What happened today we never experienced before, After food distribution in the slum, We were sharing with all parents to not get trapped if someone comes to said: ” We will take care of your kids, help them get an education, food, etc” As we shared this, One parent told us I just give my 4 years old daughter whose name is “Dua” to a man who told me the same things you just said.

We ask the father of dua do you know the area where you dropped your daughter? Dua’s father said this guy is in the next slum to us picking more kids for his organization. Our team ran toward this next slum to find this guy. This anonymous guy looked at us and as he saw, he held dua in her arms and ran. We ran behind him, After running for 2-3 minutes behind him. He throws the dua on the public road in front of the car. The dua fall on the road and hit her head on the road and started bleeding badly. We all get focused on dua and rescued her. We took dua to a near the clinic where she got the needed medication attention. She got 7 stitches on her head but she is safe now with her parents.

There are many little kids like dua whose lives are in great danger, Through this food drive, we can not just feeding people but also educating them on how they save their families

Tribe leader repented & received Jesus

Anonymous tribe leader Khan repented & received Jesus as a personal Savior. We met him during our food drive, Khan was very arrogant, ruthless & hard-hearted man. In this anonymous tribe, Khan was controlling over 70 Christian and Muslim families. He was treating both Christians and Muslims terribly and especially during this pandemic, Khan was not giving them any food or water. 5 people died in this tribe because of hunger.

2 times we distributed food boxes and food kits in these 70 families. We also prayed with the tribe people and shared the sermon on “rejoice in your suffering” which uplifted them a lot. Khan was also listening to this sermon while we were sharing with other tribe families.

Khan called us and shared with us that he had an encounter with Jesus, He said I want to repent and receive Jesus. He also said that until this pandemic ends, I will provide the food, water, and medication to my tribe people.

Praise God!! Praise God that not just Khan repented and received Jesus but now he will take care of more than 200 people in this tribe.

Why you are giving me food?

Pakistan COVID-19 lockdown means no food or work for rural poor. We met Ali while distributing food boxes under the bridge. Ali plays drums on shrines & Muslim festivals. He told us how he visited several shrines in the last 3 days and begs for food to several mosque priests but none of them gave him anything to eat.

Ali told us that he haven’t eaten for days because of the lockdown. When we gave Ali a box filled with rice and vegetables, We said to him ” May Lord Jesus bless you immensely” Ali responded but I am Muslim. Why you are giving me food? even though I am not from your religion.

We told Ali that we are not just sharing food with Christians but with Muslims, Hindu, and everyone who is hungry. We told him that our God came for all & He loves us equally. Ali’s eyes filled with tears and he said “The mosque I go, they tell us to hate Christian but you are very kind, generous and gentle to me”

I invite Ali and ask him do you play your drums in our prayer meeting? He smiled big and said “Yes I would love that”

He is precious and we thank Lord Jesus for giving us the opportunity to minister to him during this lockdown.

Jesus healed me

dying muslim man accepts Jesus Christ and is miraculously healed!! When son witnessed healing in his dad’s life, he repented & received Jesus and he got healed from deafness in 1 ear!!!

Allahdita and Muhammad Aftab are father and son. They both are the head of anonymous village which is located in a dessert.  Allahdita was suffering with Chronic kidney disease and when he found about it, it was too late. Where he lives in a dessert is very backward area and there is no hospitals or clinic to help someone in pain. But when Allahdita’s family took him to one of the hospitals in anonymous city. Doctors told him that there is a treatment that can help, but this condition can’t be cured.

The treatment doctors suggested was quiet expensive which allahdita couldn’t afford. So he gets very hopeless and started waiting for his death.

Allahdita’s family took to many shrines,grave and mosques for prayers but there was no improvement. About few months back In one of our outreach meeting, Allahdita’s family bring him in our prayer meeting on bed because he couldn’t walk.

We ask Allahdita that our God has power to heal you but first we want that you will repent from your sins and ask Him to heal you. Allahdita was barely speaking but he repented from his sins and ask God for forgiveness.

We ask Allahdita do you have faith and believe that Jesus can heal you? and he said Yes. Our all team prayed over Allahdita and we ask God to show mercy and heal him and Jesus responded to our prayers because after 1 hour , Allahdita stand on his feet and he was running in his village telling everyone that “My pain is gone” Jesus answered me!!!!

Allahdita’s son Muhammad Aftab couldn’t hear from 1 ear. He was so amazed by God’s miracle in his dad’s life. He came to us and said ” i wanna be healed too? what i have to do for healing?

We ask Muhammad Aftab do you have faith and believe that Jesus can heal you? and he said Yes. We ask him to repent from your sins and God will heal you. Muhammad Aftab repented from his sins and we pray over him. Next day we got a call from him and he told us that my deafness went away and i can hear now!!!! Jesus healed me!!!

Doctors told Hanifa that she has 2 weeks

Doctors told Hanifa that she can only live 2 more weeks because she was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Doctors told her that Stage 4 pancreatic cancer means the cancer has spread to other organs, typically the liver and lungs. Cancer can’t be cured at this point.

After this tragic news all family of hanifa was hopeless and don’t know what to do. So Hanifa’s elder son took her to black magic guru who demanded thousands of dollars. Hanifa’s son sold his cattles and other valuables and gave money to black magic guru but nothing good happened for Hanifa, In Fact her condition get worse. Doctors told Hanifa’s family to take her home because they can’t do anything in hospital now.

Then Hanifa’s son took her to many different graves and shrines in hope that someone could help his mother but there is was no one to help hanifa and her family.

Last year we were doing a outreach meeting in Anonymous village next to mosques and shrines. What you are going to read next is amazing because Hanifa and her son was also present in that area sitting in a mosque and waiting for mosque priest to come and give a Ta’wiz ( which looks like a locket usually containing verses from the Quran or other Islamic prayers and symbols pertaining to black magic. People wear Ta’wiz to protect themself from evil) but mosque preist wasn’t available.

Hanifa who was in intense pain could hear us shouting “Hallelujah” in next street. She told her son to take her to the next street. Hanifa’s son told her that why you wanna go to next street? Hanifa told her son that when she hear word Hallelujah it takes her pain away. Hanifa’s son took her to the next street where we were praying. They joined us in the prayer meeting. In the end of prayer meeting we ask Hanifa ” Mama do you believe that Jesus can heal and restore you?” Hanifa responded i tried many other options and nothing helps. So i believe with my heart that Jesus can heal me. We ask hanifa ” Mama then we want to repent from your sins and receive Him in your life” We prayed over her and God’s peace washes over her and she stand on her feet.

After pray she went to use bathroom where she told us that she peed in red color, like it was blood coming out of her body. We told her that we believe that God removed the cancer from your body!!! Now its been almost an year that Hanifa is alive and living her life for God!!! Later Hanifa and her son accepted Jesus as Personal Savior!!! Doctors who told her that she had only 2 weeks left had no clue that how she is still living!!!!!

The power of our living God

Doctors told these brothers “Allahdita and Barkat” that are have don’t have much time left to live. Allahdita was having severe chest pain and bad coughing and when his family took him to hospital, Doctor told Allahdita that he has stage 4 lung cancer which means that cancer has spread in both lungs. Doctors told Allahdita that your lungs are eaten up with cancer and it is untreatable.

One week later younger brother “Barkat” started having severe pain in his chest and also severe unintentional weight loss. When family took barkat to ER in this anonymous hospital. After some medical examination they found out that Barkat has Tuberculosis……Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease caused by bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The bacteria usually attack the lungs, but they can also damage other parts of the body.Doctors told him that its very severe as well and there is no hope of recovery. Doctors gave these both brothers time of 1 months to live.

Couple of months ago when we were doing outreach in #Anonymousvillage, Jesus spoke to our Worship leader that there are 2 brothers in this village who are sick but i want to heal them. They also practice black magic so tell them to repent and i will forgive them. Our worship leader shared this with Me and John that how Jesus spoke to us. So we ask our host and he confirmed that “Yes there are 2 brothers here who are slowly dying and they also practice black magic” So we ask our host to take us to their home.

When we reached at Allahdita and Barkat’s home, we told them “Jesus wants to heal you both but He also wants that you will repent from your sins” Both brothers said do you know that we are black magic gurus and we ourselves have so much power. So i ask them that why you are suffering with lung cancer and Tuberculosis??? They both were silent.

We ask them you are so special to God and You both are chosen. God wants to use you both for His Glory and they both starting crying. Allahdita said that evil spirits we worship tell us that we will die and they scare us so bad. We don’t know what to do??

So we said to Allahdita and Barkat, You believe that Jesus is your Savior? they both said Yes. We said to them then repent and receive Him in your life because He has wonderful life for you. They both repented and receive Jesus as Savior. All village was watching this beautiful scene. We prayed for them and commanded sickness to leave them in Jesus name and we prayed that God your will be done in their lives.

3 weeks later, we got a call from Allahdita and barkat, They told us that their recent medical reports as arrived and they don’t have lungs cancer and Tuberculosis anymore……Doctors has no idea they go???? He said but i told them that Jesus took it away from us.

They both now wanted to serve and live for Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!Hallelujah!!Hallelujah!!! Let’s thank and praise God for He is good all the time!!! He is a faithful God.

Jesus healed stage 4 cancer

Doctors gave 60 days of time to brother Samson because he had Stage IV Cancer. Doctors told Samson that you are eaten up with cancer and it is untreatable, and you have only 60 days to live.Samson was very hopeless over this news that he locked himself in a dark room and cried for 1 week. He changed doctors but they all told him that they dont have any treatment.

We met Samson in May-2018 and shared the Gospel with him and he repented from his sins and take a water baptism. As John (my husband) was going to baptize him, Samson said that i Stage IV Cancer and i have 50 days left.

“Jesus said, ‘You shall lay hands on the sick in my name and they shall recover’ and so We all did that by just sheer faith. We commanded the cancer to cease in the name of Jesus.” And we ask Samson are you willing to live the rest of days of your life for Jesus? and he replied “if he gives me life” and i said to him that He has healed you already!!!

On the 61 day he went to doctors and said “Look I am Alive” my God did my treatment!! All doctor panel was stunned that how its possible. Its been 6 months now that Samson is serving God in small villages and sharing the good news with others!!!

What a mighty God we serve

On our to Nebraska, we met this beautiful lady who works for united airlines and she was helping passengers with their boarding passes. When she saw John (my husband) holding a bible, she said are you a Pastor? and he responded Yes. She said would you please pray for me because as i saw you guys Holy Spirit place in my heart to ask you to pray for me. We hold her hands and we pray over her and when we finish our prayers…She told us that she was having a severe pain in her left leg but now she didn’t have anymore. Jesus healed her from her pain in 1 minute!!! Hallelujah!!!Hallelujah!! She was so happy after receiving healing and she call her other friends as well and tell what Jesus did in her life. Praise God!! Praise God for using empty vessels like us,

She also said that pray for my country because we need Revival!! So we pray for USA as well and we are praying massive Revival in Jesus name!!

Policemen said thank you, Jesus

Jesus healed these police officers from bad pleuritis & severe headache. Asghar and Rashid are working for lahore police department from last 9 years and they are very dedicated and honest police officers. Sometimes they also provide us police support when we go for outreaches.

We got a call from Asghar (sitting on right side) who told us that its been 12 weeks that he is going through severe pain in his chest and lungs. He told us that doctors told him that he has pleuritis, This condition is an inflammation or irritation of the lining of the lungs and chest. He told us that he is taking many medications as well but nothing is helping. He told us that he go through a lot of pain everyday and it’s getting really hard for him to work anymore. Asghar said to me ” Would you please pray for me and ask your God to heal me?” because i saw Him working in many other people lives as well.

Asghar also told us that his friend is having a very bad headache as well from last 3-4 days and if he can bring him as well to our home so we can pray for him. We told him that you are more than welcome to come with him and we would love to pray for you.

When Asghar arrived with his friend. We ask him do you believe that Jesus can heal and restore you? They said that we belongs from anonymous religion but we believe Jesus can heal and restore. We prayed over them and we claimed Jesus blood over their lives. We prayed & ask God to show your will and bless them from head to toe. We also anoint them with oil. As we finished prayer they left for their work. But after 15 minutes they both come back and they were shouting with joy on our door that ” JESUS HEALED US” We don’t have any pain!!!! They said “Thank you Jesus” We Love you.

We thank and Praise God for this beautiful miracle in their lives. Please continue to uplift them in your prayers that they will continue to grow in Him.

Sickness left in Jesus name

We met Tariq and his family on anonymous brick kiln while raising awareness on modern day & human trafficking. As we finished our seminar, we sit in van to leave for our home. Our van driver noticed that one women is running behind our van, So we ask our van driver to stop the van.

We get out of the van and ask Tariq’s mother if she is okay? She told us that his son is suffering with high fever. She told us that Tariq is having an intense pain in his liver as well. She told us that my son is so weak that he can’t walk. She told us that she tried many times to ask brick kiln owner to help them but he denied. She told us that every morning brick kiln owner send his security guards who beat my son and they force him to make bricks when he can’t because of pain and fever. She said i know i will lost my son if he didn’t get medication because now he can’t even talk.

We told tariq’s mother to take us to her hut. We saw tariq there shivering and his body was burning with fever. As we arrived in their hut the other slaves gathered as well. We prayed over tariq. We ask God to heal & restore him. We prayed and rebuke fever to leave him in Jesus name. We prayed that Holy Spirit will fill him with His presence and all weakness will go away in Jesus name. During pray we felt that Tariq legs which were not moving before started to move around. Tariq who was sick from 2 weeks, who couldn’t walk because of weakness, All of sudden stand on his feet. Tariq’s fever and liver pain was gone!!! Tariq was so happy that he was crying. All those who were watching us started clapping!! We told them it’s not us but Jesus who healed and restored Tariq.

Praise God!! Praise God!! For He is good all the time. He always rescue us in the time of need.

ex-prostitution surrendered her life to Jesus

Sonia left the business of prostitution after 15 years and surrendered her life to Jesus. She was sold into the human trafficking business by her biological mother & step-dad. We met Sonia last year in an anonymous slum where we shared God’s word and love with many human trafficking victims. I still remember the day we prayed over Sonia. She was just crying and crying while i was praying over her. I ask her why are you crying, my daughter? She said because nobody even prayed for me and nobody ever placed a hand over my head. I told her that God loves you so much and He has so many beautiful plans for you, He wants to use you for many others who are like you stuck in this bondage of sin. But Sonia told me that this is how she is taking care of her need If she will don’t sell her body then how she will survive.

We told her that we will help you. So we help Sonia and get her admission to a school where she learns the skill of tailoring. Last week she graduated and now she can open her own business. Now she can earn her bread and butter in a more respectful way!!! Also in the last 1 year, Sonia learned a lot about God’s word and today she called me and told me that she quit prostitution. She wanted to accept Jesus as a Personal Savior!!!! How amazing is our God!! Please shout Hallelujah with us!!!

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