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“The longer you wait, The Bigger Fruit you will receive.”

Violet John born in a Christian family. She was raised by a christian parents. Violet accepted Jesus at the age of 11 and started worshipping God with her dad in underground Churches, Seminars, and Conferences.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Violet was the only Christian gospel singer in Pakistan, She participated in hundreds of Gospel singing competition, & won all of them. Even-though she got many opportunities to sing commercially but she dedicated her voice only for God & glorify His name!!! She recorded hundreds of gospel songs in my career!!! She was the only Gospel Singer in the history of Pakistan who sung Gospel songs on the Pakistan National Radio channel.  I wanted to share a little background with you so you know from where I was coming.

So In Pakistani culture usually parents decide the groom/bride for their kids. So Violet’s father decided John for her because he was a very educated, highly ranked police officer and had all the worldly things. Even though Violet didn’t want to get married because she was very young and she wanted to sing few some years but she never had the guts to say No to her father because she loved and respected him so much.

When Violet met John for the first time in front of her parents. John made 2 conditions. He said I will marry Violet but she has to quit singing completely because it’s a shame for me in the society to be known by my wife profession so I don’t want her to sing. The second condition John made was Violet will be never allowed to invite Pastors in their home, John said I don’t want her to pray or even bring the bible at the home and then he added ” If we will have children together, You will not raise them as Christian” After listening to these conditions. I looked at my dad with tears in my eyes and shaking voice I said “I agree with everything you said”

Violet was a believer but on the other hand John was an atheist. John was serving in secret services as personal bodyguard of the President of Pakistan in the 1980s. John was very brave and intelligent officer but also very corrupt, arrogant, prideful, rude, disrespectful and hates sharing with others. On the other hand, God puts compassion in Violet’s heart to share with others but whenever John found out that Violet shared something with others, He gets very mad at her and fights with her.

In response she always stay very silent in front of him and never say a word. John told Violet that if he found her praying or reading the bible in a home. He will divorce her and take all my kids away from her. Violet used to lock herself in the bathroom and pray secretly. Violet prayed 21 years faithfully day and night for John’s salvation, and then He had an encounter with God’s angels in 2002 who took him to heaven & hell. This encounter transformed his life completely.

Now the man who hates bibles at one time, Now share the Gospel and distribute bibles for free, My husband who hates God at one point now madly in Love with Him, My husband who hates sharing now shares everything he has freely!!!! Now it’s been 19 years that we are sharing the gospel in every corner of Pakistan. They took the gospel to over 320,000+ people in last one decade and reaching to the unreached and sharing God’s love and word with them. Many friends, relatives, my parents & even some Christian leaders told Violet to divorce John because they believe that there are 0% chances that John will ever change.


But Violet choose to trust God & prayed 21 years with this assurance that one day God will answer her tears and HE did. Today Violet and John wants to encourage you all that if you are going through some difficult time, if you marriage or relationship is not working, if you have health issues, if you fighting with financial crisis or whatever the problem is? Don’t lose hope, Don’t lose your Faith, Don’t stop praying, Trust only & only on Jesus because He will respond to you and transform your life completely!! Some friends question Violet that why God took 21 years to answer your prayers? Why you had to wait so long? Violet always tell them what God told her ” The longer you wait, The Bigger Fruit you will receive”

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