$1.40 will feed starving life

$40 will help a persecuted family with food kit which will last 2 weeks

Welcome to Little Treasure Ministries

Little Treasure Ministries is a faith-based mission of love that provides safe haven, rehabilitation, and kindness to children victimized by the global human trafficking industry. Through our nonprofit orphanage in Lahore, Pakistan, we take in and nurture orphaned and homeless children while working to combat modern-day slavery in one of the world’s major hubs for sourcing and trafficking humans for forced prostitution and labor. As part of our calling to share the living gospel through acts of love, we also feed hungry people living in poverty in our community. Our ultimate mission is to model the divine love of Christ to children experiencing great need while acting with overflowing kindness and generosity to every person we encounter as we gently guide them through their beautiful transformation and healing.

Our vision is to win 1 million lost Pakistani souls for God's Kingdom.

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Did you know that in Pakistan over 170 million have never heard the Gospel?

But together we can keep changing these numbers by continuing to take the Gospel to every single corner of Pakistan.
We are witnessing a tremendous Revival in Pakistan!  Everyday many non-believers are receiving great miracles, healings, restoration and deliverance.
God is changing this Islamic land into the Land of believers. Hundreds of people are repenting and receiving Jesus Christ as personal Savior in their lives!  All Glory to His Name! 

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