"Virus doesn't kill us, what is killing us is hunger."

Pakistan is the fifth most populous country in the world, with dense cities where contagion spreads far and fast. This virus, alongside measures to mitigate it, poses major risks to lives and livelihoods with impacts that could last for decades.

Pakistan's poor hit hardest as coronavirus spreads...

We are facing the largest lockdown in the world. The imposition of a lockdown in Pakistan to stop the spread of the coronavirus has thrown the lives of thousands of families live below poverty line, street kids, slaves and slum people into chaos.

 At this unprecedented time in history, we are reaching out to the most vulnerable children & families living slums, shanty towns, brick kilns, streets & under bridge from perishing. These communities who are already maximizing their limited resources are now starving because they are being ignored by the government.

Distributed over 252,000 meals

We started our food drive with a vision to feed 1000 people as the coronavirus pandemic started but God’s plan was bigger than ours because in the last 13 months we distributed over 252,000 food boxes and 4500+ food packages to persecuted, starving, and suffering families in all over the country.

Our vision is not to just fight against physical hunger but to eliminate the spiritual hunger as well, We didn’t realize how hopeless, distress & stressed these people are until we spend time with them, When we ask them “ If they know Jesus Christ or ever heard the gospel before?” 9 out of 10 people said “No”

It open doors for us & gives us opportunity to share God’s word with them and empower them through God’s living word, share the hope that comes through Jesus Christ. We are honored to share that we introduce Jesus to over 90,000 people in last from April-Oct 2020. Thousands of them repented and received Jesus as personal Savior. Thousands of them received healing, miracles and restoration in their lives.

The need is getting greater here as the lockdown is extended, But we are not losing hope, We are dedicated to feeding the poor and hungry without any discrimination, empowering the church, and sharing the hope that comes through Jesus Christ.

Help restore what COVID-19 destroyed — provide for a family in poverty today. Help provide food, medical care and support during this pandemic.

$1.40 will feed starving life

$40 will help a suffering & persecuted family with food kit which will last 2 weeks

COVID-19 and the Persecuted

Persecution is not on lockdown. COVID-19 has devastated the persecuted. Christians are denied food aid from their government and unable to work due to the lockdown. Some are facing starvation as you read this. We are trying hard to bring food packages to persecuted families in affected areas.

In one village alone, 120 Christian families in Pakistan were denied food aid from the government