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Ending The Gospel Poverty

Pakistan, officially known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is the second largest Muslim country in South Asia.From public persecution to targeted terror attacks, Christianity and those who practice it continue to be under threat. In short words spreading the Gospel in a muslim country is not easy but look at this Revival what God is doing in Pakistan, From 2009 to 2020 we introduce Jesus to over 320,000 people in small villages, cities, remote towns, brick kiln, slums and street kids. We are doing weekly outreach meetings from last 4 years in all over the Pakistan and taking the gospel where people never heard it before.

 In our weekly outreach meeting, Hundreds of people receive healing and restoration from curable and incurable diseases, Many are repenting and receiving Jesus as personal Savior. People are hungry for The Word of God. Christians in Pakistan are minority but they are very strong on their faith. Believers & non-believers are hearing the message of hope and desiring to know more about the God who loves and cares for them in the midst of their suffering. And we help them toward their needs, LTM is also providing free Urdu bibles to believers, non-believers and persecuted christians.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to reach persecuted Christians & new believers with Bibles and discipleship resources. We must equip our hurting brothers and sisters with God’s Word to give them courage and strength when they need them the most.

How much does your Bible mean to you?

To these new believers, it would mean a new beginning in their journey of knowing Christ. There is a great hunger for The Bibles in Pakistan. We know believers who waited decades to hold their own Bibles. The Bible is The Word of God and it will change your life, once you will read it. We receive hundreds of testimonies and encounters stories of these new new believers that how they’re Bible transformed their lives.

We are actively involved in spreading the Word of God to those who are not yet reached and preached, one of the major ways of spreading the Gospel is to distribute Bibles, it directly give chance to the person who receives to read the Words and commandments of God.

Why give for Bibles for persecuted?

Because these courageous new believers are desperate for God’s Word. The Bible you give to a new believers or a persecuted Christian will help them in their spiritual walk & growth in Christ, it’s will also work as a message of courage in a time when a believer is facing suffering. Your love gift for Urdu bibles right now will bring light into a dark country and give hope to a new believer & persecuted believer.

Each Bible cost $7,  Pray and donate if you are led by the spirit to help fellow Christians in desperate need.

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