Imagine facing torture and death for just three words—"I am Christian.”​

This is a reality for more thousands of Christians today in Afghanistan. They often face physical violence towards themselves or loved ones—or lose homes and jobs because of their faith in Jesus.

What happened when the Taliban took over in Aug-2021?

With the tragic return of the Taliban, life became perilous for the citizens of Afghanistan and especially dangerous for newly converted Christians. In the chaotic return, many lined up at banks to withdraw their savings. Locals who helped US forces knew their lives were in danger and desperately looked for a way out of the country.

The airport was overwhelmed with desperate people trying to flee, even clinging to airplanes as they began to move down the runway. Some even fell to their deaths as planes climbed into the sky. Many amongst the desperate were Christians whose government IDs, which proudly proclaimed their Christianity, now served as their death warrant.

Why Christians were scared of the Taliban?

Secret believers in Afghanistan are especially vulnerable,“Prior to Taliban rule, they already had a very difficult time living out their faith, as they had to keep it secret from their families for fear of being shunned, or worse, killed. Now that the Taliban is in power, their vulnerability increases tenfold. It would be almost impossible to be a follower of Jesus in this country.

Lives Saved


We knew we had to act. We identified 197 new Christian converts in the country and began a heroic effort to rescue them before the Taliban took their lives. Our operation succeeded, and though we thought we were done, Jesus had other plans, opening doors and showing us how to save even more people. We have rescued 2,731 people from Afghanistan, including children, translators, lawyers, doctors, families from the Hazara minority, and missionaries.

However, we still aren’t finished and are seeking to help underground Christians who remain in the country. Time is of the essence. Even as we help those we have brought to safety, we hope to help more.

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What is LTM plan for rescued people?

Those we rescued, our mission is far from over. We are protecting these brothers, sisters, and children in camps in confidential locations where they can receive food, water, clothing, Christian counseling, and biblical education.

We have a three-phase plan to help them build their future

In Phase 1, refugees have time to rest and recover from trauma and pain.

In Phase 2, we begin counseling sessions and share the gospel because we believe that only God’s love can restore, heal and rebuild us.

In Phase 3, we teach them local languages and transfer them to our affiliated churches, where they can live in close fellowship with other believers. We help some families start businesses. Our affiliated churches help others find jobs to stand on their own feet.

How you can support persecuted Christians today?

Though we have been blessed to have done so much, there is much more to do. Providing for 2,731 of God’s Children is a significant responsibility. We can not let them down. Little Treasure Ministries would not exist without a network of supporters like you who pray, advocate on behalf of the persecuted and give financially. Please join us as we stand with our Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Your gift to Little Treasure Ministries, small or large, is a powerful and deeply meaningful way to show these proud people that they are not alone. They are Christians who have suffered greatly for their faith and find thankfulness and hope in your generous gifts.

Please, help us fulfill God’s mission and bring joy to fellow Christians in need.